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Five villages in the Romagna countryside awaiting to be discovered!

The places to visit absolutely

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Five villages in the Romagna countryside awaiting to be discovered!

Tourists visiting Bellaria-Igea Marina generally come for the sea and sandcastles and spend most their time looking out across the sea.

There's nothing wrong with this; after all, we are on the Romagna Riviera! It’s what we’re known for all over the world: the sea and fun.

Today, however, we want to launch a challenge.

The next time you're under your parasol on the beach, rather than looking out onto the calm sea and the rocks, try turning around and looking in the opposite direction.

What can you see?
We'll tell you: hills, ones which often feature castles surrounded by medieval villages, full of narrow streets, breath-taking views, quaint spots with interesting stories that you will look forward to sharing with your friends once back home.

Some of these hills are well known, such as Mount Titano, home to the Republic of San Marino; others, perhaps, are less famous.

Today we want to tell you about five of them, in the hope that you will visit them during your next stay here with us in Romagna.

👉 Santarcangelo di Romagna
👉 San Leo
👉 Mondaino
👉 Longiano
👉 Sant’Agata Feltria

We really want to talk to you about these villages we are in love with. Do you know why?

Because being able to explore a country or region through the eyes of those who know it best is the greatest gift to those who visit it.

So here are the five villages, seen through our own eyes: the eyes of the Valentini Village.


Santarcangelo di Romagna

A relaxed old-world atmosphere...

A few minutes' drive from our hotels, on the top of Mount Giove, lies the village of Santarcangelo.

What to explore
The Malatesta Fortress or the Castle of Paolo and Francesca, the Bell Tower, the Parish Church of San Michele Arcangelo, Porta Cervese, and Piazza delle Monache.
All the alleys that branch off from the fortress that dominates the town are worth exploring and lead to historic buildings, palaces, views, craft shops and traditional bars and restaurants.

What to do
Some of the suggestive tuff caves that cross the Santarcangelo subsoil are open to the public. The origin of this labyrinth is shrouded in mystery; perhaps it was an ancient place of worship.

What to visit
MET – the Ethnographic Museum of the Uses and Customs of the People of Romagna
Historical Archaeological Museum MUSAS

What to eat and drink
Sangiovese: it is said that in the 17th century, during a banquet held at the Monastery of the Capuchin Friars of Santarcangelo di Romagna, a special wine was served to Pope Leo XII. A monk gave him the name of "Sanguis Jovis" or Blood of Judas or Sangiovese.
One of the best local restaurants is "La Sangiovesa".
Most of the dishes are made with products from local farms. Experience a journey through the excellence, scents and colours of the territory.

san leo

San Leo

The Wizard's fortness

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy is San Leo, an ancient village with a fortress overlooking the valley of the Marecchia river.

What to discover
The Fortress of Cagliostro, the Cathedral, the bell tower on Monte della Guardia, the Porta di Sopra, the Medici Palace, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria Assunta, and the Cathedral of San Leone.

What to do
Piazza Dante is the heart of San Leo, surrounded by the most important buildings of the village.
Sit on the edge of the fountain in the middle of the square and enjoy the view.

What to visit
The Fortress of Cagliostro was a maximum security prison of the Papal State until 1906. Inside the fortress you can find museums, exhibitions and displays such as the weapons exhibit and the torture museum. You can also visit the punishment cell and the cells that housed the Count of Cagliostro, a mysterious alchemist condemned for heresy by the Church, and many other famous prisoners.
The fortress is also one of the points of the village that offer amazing views; the view of the Marecchia Valley will leave you breathless.

What to eat and drink
One of the most famous restaurants in San Leo is "Osteria La Corte di Berengario II".
Also worth visiting is "Il Bettolino".
We recommend dishes based on truffles, fossa cheese, Romagna ragout, grilled meat and homemade pasta.



“A strong and important place, which cannot be conquered under any agreement” (Federico da Montefeltro)

Mondaino is a village on the border between the Romagna and Marche regions; during the Middle Ages, it was the scene of battles and fights, but its history goes much further back in time. Once upon a time, Diana, the goddess of hunting and of the woods, of the moon and of witches, was venerated on these hills. In Roman times, there was a temple devoted to her right here.

What to discover
The Malatesta Fortress, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, Porta Marina, Piazza Maggiore, the permanent Majolica Exhibition of Mondaino, the Convent of the Poor Clares, the former Convent of San Francesco, and the Paleontological Museum.

What to do
In August, do not miss the Palio del Daino, a medieval festival that involves the whole town.

What to visit
As soon as you arrive in Mondaino, you will notice the imposing Malatesta Fortress. When visiting the inside of the fortress, you can admire the Madonna del Latte by Bernardino Dolci di Castel Durante, and the Paleontological Museum. This collects fossils found in the territory of Mondaino, dating back to about 5 million years ago.

What to eat and drink
The characteristic products of Mondaino are the cheese of fossa and the truffle.
You can taste them in the dishes of the restaurants: Il Puledro and I Due Ruscelli.



The ideal village

Longiano is one of the "balconies of Romagna", surrounded by vineyards, orchards and olive groves that lead the eye to the Adriatic Sea. Like most typical medieval villages, the town develops around its castle: the Malatesta Castle.

What to discover
The Malatesta Castle, the Museum of Cast Iron, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Territory Museum, the Gallery of Masks and the Petrella Theatre.

What to do
In September, the International Festival of the Ancient Organ takes place in Longiano. The old town turns into an open-air theatre and the streets of the village are filled with fairy-tale notes.

What to visit
The Malatesta Castle is home to the important Tito Balestra Foundation, which manages one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art in Emilia Romagna. Among the most famous works are some signed by Chagall, Goya and Matisse.

What to eat and drink
We recommend the delicious wines of the hills of Longiano, for example Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Albana, perhaps to accompany the typical specialities of Romagna.
Among the restaurants, we suggest the Osteria del Borgo.


Sant’Agata Feltria

A fairy-tale castle

Sant'Agata Feltria is a pretty medieval village with a wonderful castle.

What to discover
The fortress Rocca Fregoso, the Collegiate Church, the Mariani Theatre, the Convent and Church of San Girolamo, the Convent of the Poor Clares, the Convent of the Capuchins, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso, the Fountain of the Snail and the village Petrella Guidi.

What to do
In winter, the atmosphere of the village becomes even more magical. The Christmas markets of Sant'Agata Feltria are among the best in Emilia Romagna.

What to visit
The Fregoso Fortress houses a museum and every year there are market-exhibitions and other cultural events, such as the National White Truffle Fair.
At present, the fortress is home to a permanent MUSEUM; among the permanent exhibitions we recommend the one relating to the "Vintage Posters", the exhibition "From yarn to sewing", the exhibition "Alchemy and Medicine", the exhibition "In Nomine Domini - the era of the Crusades", the exhibition "Weapons and armor from the Celts until the sixteenth century" and the exhibition of bicycles and ancient motorcycles "Cycles and motorcycles around the '900".

What to eat and drink
The town is full of traditional restaurants and trattorias where you can enjoy truffle-based dishes. We recommend "Il Tulipano Nero".

We took you to the hills of Romagna.
Okay, now turn around.
What can you see?
A beautiful panorama that reaches as far out as the sea.

Now you can say that you have seen Romagna in all its glorious beauty.
From the sea to the hills.
From the hills to the sea.